Tutorial: Fallen Leaf Bunting

In anticipation of the weather changing I have a lovely tutorial for you. If you want to inject a bit of whimsy fun and colour into your home this Autumn try my fallen leaf bunting. I originally got the idea from a fantastic site – Cherry Menlove – but this is my version for you.

You will need:

  • Felt (various different colours)
  • Brown garden twine
  • Thread (in various colours)
  • Card (an empty cereal box is perfect)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pencil


1. Firstly, on your sheet of card draw some leaf designs in pencil and cut them out. You can always get some inspiration by goggling autumn leaves. You want to have a variety of different shapes and sizes – keep going until you have a nice pile. One tip is to draw a small ‘tab’ at the base of the leaf (as seen in the image below), this is so that you remember to create a small tab in the felt.

2. The next stage is to cut the leaves out of felt. You want to fold the felt in half and trace around your card leaf. You will notice that the tab on the card is placed along the fold edge – we want to create a felt loop at the top of the finished leaf to feed the twine through later.

3. Once you have cut the leaf out of the felt you can then cut off the tab at the top of the card leaf. Don’t throw your card away! It will be used in the middle of leaf to strengthen it. At this stage you can stitch some details on to the felt. I have chosen to use contrasting coloured thread and mimic the viens in a normal leaf.

4. Now you need to fold the felt in half again and place the card in the centre. Using the same colour thread as you used for the central details you then want to sew around the edge of the leaf to ‘seal’ it shut. I used blanket stitch which gives the leaves a really lovely look – there is a good tutorial on how to do this here. You will probably have to pierce the card as well as the felt so a thimble to protect your finger may be useful.

5. Keep going until you have a large pile of leaves. The last stage is to thread your leaves on to your twine. The thread should go through the tab at the top of the leaves, you can either thread it through by hand but I found it useful to use a large needle. Once you have thread all the leaves on you then just need to tie off the ends with a loop and your bunting is ready to go.

I think this bunting is perfect to put up throughout the entire autumn season, but it is also ideal for one of my favourite festivities – Halloween!

I hope you have fun giving this tutorial a go. If you love the idea but don’t have the time I will be selling some of my bunting at the upcoming arts, craft and flea market in Ashbury, Wiltshire, UK with The Pear Affair – if you are in the area pop in and see me on the 25th September.


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