Get your glass hanging

I was in Glasgow yesterday for the day job. Unfortunately I didn’t really have much time for site seeing but I did manage to squeeze dinner in at a really lovely restaurant. It is called Ingram Wynd and is a victorian inspired Scottish restaurant, and when in Rome, I mean Scotland…..I think I’ve got myself confused.

The Gorgeous Interior of the Ingram Wynd

Anyway, I am not blogging to tell you about the delicious meal (although the smoked haddock fishcakes and raspberry creme brulee were amazing!). I wanted to tell you about the decor, one aspect of which I think we should take into our own homes. Rather than just have large windows with no decoration on, they had sheets of stained glass hanging in the window – see the image below. It added such a lovely touch and made beautiful coloured light flood in during the day, and coloured lights twinkle in the night.

Spot the sheets of stained glass in the window

I really think this is something you could do in your own homes – I believe Kirstie Alsopp even did a similar thing in Kirsties Home Made Home with Abinger Stained Glass.

Kirstie making stained glass

So get out there hunting for your perfect sheets of stained glass, or even make your own, and bring a bit of coloured light into your homes.

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