Pumpkins beware! I’m going to carve you up!

So the halloween party is imminent and I am still fretting about a design for my pumpkin!
If you are not aware already my family is having a big halloween party with a pumpkin carving competition. Now, I am not normally competitive but every year since I was in my teens I have carved a pumpkin on halloween. And not to float my own boat, but I think I am getting pretty good. So I am determined to win this competition….or at least get a rosette for best effort.

But, what design, what design….
Now if I was just doing this for decoration at my own home, I would definitely be copying the image below – what a fantastic idea to have a bonfire of pumpkins.

Bonfire of pumpkins from My Fish Bowl Life

Unfortunately I think I can only enter one pumpkin (plus I don’t really fancy carrying that many pumpkins all the way from London to Wiltshire). So I was thinking of something more classic such as a scary witch.

Scary Witch as seen on Instructables

Or how about a contemporary twist on the favourite scary face.

Scary face on Ideal HomeGarden website

But if I had the skill, one can only dream, I would be carving my pumpkin into a masterpiece. This is the scariest pumpkin carving I have ever seen!

Scary! as seen on the Mail online

So what do you think? Let me know if you have any ideas out there. I need help! (both mental and pumpkin carving varieties are welcome)

Now all I need to do is find a design, carve a pumpkin, bake 48 cupcakes, sort out a costume…

One Response to “Pumpkins beware! I’m going to carve you up!”
  1. I'm plumping for a chic Martha Stewart number (or two, I'm starting a pumpkin collection!): http://www.marthastewart.com/264169/translucent-pumpkins Gorgeous!

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