Finding a chandelier in the newspaper

One of the things I will miss about London is free newspapers. I won’t miss the 45 minute journey squished up against someone I don’t know whilst trying to read the free newspaper. But it is nice when you are in the mood to connect with the wider world to pick up a paper and peruse through. As I left work today I just had this feeling that I should pick up the paper instead of reading my book (Jane Austen – Northanger Abbey), or playing on my nintendo DS (Professor Layton – the Lost Future), and I believe it was fate. I found the most amazing little article tucked in the pages all about beautiful chandeliers.

The chandeliers are made by Madeleine Boulesteix from tea cups, jelly moulds, cupcake tins and old clay pipes. They fit so perfectly with the Springy Beard ethics, to find a new use for old unwanted things. But they are at a such an inspiring level – I just wish I could reach this.

You have to check out her website – here.
I’m sure we could all do something similar on a smaller scale….maybe start off with a smale scale candelabra made from reclaimed items….give me time and I might surprise you.

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