An excuse to buy more bags

So, if I have not explained already part of our future plans to leave London is to incorporate an amazing trip to Japan, travelling all over the country for an entire month. The trip is now only a month away and I am not ready at all. My japanese to awful, I have no practical travelling clothes insight and I can’t decide between a suitcase or a rucksack! Well the last point I can have your help with.

As we are not actually hiking much on our trip (train travel all the way!) I figured a suitcase would be the better option. I can organise things in it better. I can then have a larger size as I won’t have to worry about the weight on my back. I can get a hard case to protect everything inside. But I have been warned that, when travelling around on the trains, the Japanese do not have space for suitcases and you often have to hold your luggage on your lap!

A 4 wheeled hard case suitcase for £82.49
Or a soft 4 wheeled suitcase for £95

I was thinking that a proper hitch hikers backpack would be a better choice. But then I am going to be restricted on what I can carry. If I get tied I can’t just wheel it around. Otherwise, I suppose it is the sensible option.

A nice 60 + 20 litre rucksack for £69.99

But what about this – a backpack and suitcase combined. A rucksack that you can throw on your back when needed but then has wheels attached so that you do not always have to lug it around.

A 70 + 15 litre rucksack with wheels for £159.99

The only negative is that the wheels and handle add extra weight. I think my allowance is 25kg……can I fit it all in?!


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