A new friend

So my new life in Wiltshire started with a visit to a brand new friend. You may remember a while ago me mentioning a friend was expecting a baby. Well he has arrived. World meet Ned Packer, Ned packer meet the world. I hope this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Now that you have been introduced you may ask what I got Ned as a welcome present. I wanted to produce an essential baby kit, but not of the traditional kind. So let me introduce to you the Springy Beard essential kit of what every baby should have – bit of a long title so lets call it the Springy Beard new baby kit. It should contain:

The coolest kids (large and small) always have converse
This one is really for Mum and Dad to remember how little you were
Bunting – the perfect decoration for any bedroom – up date it as they grow
No growing mind should be without Dr Seuss
Ear defenders so he can gig with Mummy and Daddy
And everyone should have their own cuddly friend

I think this a great starter kit for any new baby. I hope that I can use all of these things with Ned….I hope he likes me. Hmmm, now I’m nervous.

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