Decoupage Phone

Hi Kayleigh’s mum again, she is having an amazing time in Japan. They have moved from Tokyo on the bullet train to Kyoto……Can’t wait to see the photos!!!

Looking through the drafts that Kayleigh has written for me to post. I found this one…..And guess what! I have a telephone like this and would love to cover it. So fingers crossed Kayleigh will bring back lots and lots of paper from Japan.  

On one of my web searches I came across this fantastic idea – decoupage retro phones!

This is a particularly fantastic example using beautiful bright coloured paper from the people at Small Hands Big Art. Check out the ‘how to’ – here.

And this is going to be a lesson to me. I have seen some of the retro looking phones at car boots, but they have been really marked, well used and off brown in colour. I am definitely buying one next time, and hopefully I’ll pick up some beautiful patterned paper in Japan to dazzle you all. Watch this space.

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