Tutorial: Orb-lando

Here I am again, Just putting on the last but one post for Kayleigh. They are leaving Osaka and should be making their way back to Tokyo today. Another seven days and they will be home, I am so looking forward to seeing them.
I have just realised that the posts I have been putting on have the date they were created and not the day I am posting them. Sorry guys. Not sure what to do about it, anyway Kayleigh will be back soon, so it will all be ok again. :)
Anyway enough of me. Just check out this amazing chandelier. I love it, and I can see it being done in all different colours, great idea.     

Do you want something stunning and dramatic to be the centre piece of you dining room? Well look no further than the fantastic chandelier, titled by its creator, the ‘Orb-lando’.

The creator is Orlando Soria over at HommeMaker. The site is full of stylish interior design inspiration and the chandelier above is just a tip of the ice-berg. For the instructions go – here. The great thing is that you can adjust the size depending on the size of your room, or even spray paint the wire a gorgeous colour to match or clash the colour theme of your room. Myself, I just want to recreate the image above. Strike that, I want that room.


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