Just to give you another installment of photos from our adventure. After staying in Tokyo we headed on the bullet train to Kyoto. Tokyo in very much like London so I felt very much at home there. Kyoto had a more industrial feel but around every corner you would find a beautiful shrine or temple.

The Golden Temple
Origami cranes all joined together to make beautiful garlands…could this be a decoration idea…
The prayer boards filled in my visitors to the temples – there was even some english ones!
High up on the side of the mountains you got a fantastic view over Kyoto

Just a few little gems to show you from Kyoto. I think Kyoto was actually my favourite out of all the destinations. There was so many heritage sites, they had a huge amount of arts and crafts, and the clothes shops were fantastic!
Next time we will travel to Shojoshin-in temple. See you then.

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