Decoupage Phone Continued…

You may remember while I was away in Japan that my Mum did a post about a gorgeous decoupage phone over at Small Hands Big Art. She mentioned that she had bought a retro phone of her own and wanted to give the ‘how to’ a try. Well, while I was in Japan I happened to pick up some gorgeous Japanese origami paper, and the other day we decided to give decoupage a go.

In order to carry out decoupage we used a scalpel – which is sharp – and some adhesive – which should not be ingested. I realise this is common sense, but just a heads up.


  • Screwdriver
  • Pretty paper
  • Glue – we used Decopatch Paper Patch Glossy Glue
  • Scalpel
  • Cutting mat
  • Brush
  • Scissors

1. The first thing we did was take the phone apart. You will probably need a screw driver for this but it will depend on the type of phone you have. Ours came apart through trial and error (to get you started try removing the paper and plastic disc in the centre of the dial – there will be a screw there that can be removed). We decided to only decoupage the main body of the phone and to leave the ring, and hand-set in its original cream body.

2. We then cut up our paper into more manageable squares, not too small though otherwise they will be a bit fiddly when sticking on.

3. The great thing about the glue we used was that you can use it straight onto the plastic, you don’t have to prime the surface first. We got our glue from Hobbycraft for £7.99 (but you may be able to find it cheaper online). We painted the glue onto the plastic surface using the brush.

4. Then get sticking! Just keep adding more glue and paper, over lapping the sheets as you go. We folded our sheets of paper over the edges slightly to give a nice neat look. You may have to make some snips in the paper so that it folds around corners without creating creases.
5. Once you have covered the entire area with the paper give the surface a coat of the glue. The glue will act as a varnish and seal everything in.
6. Put your phone back together and you are done! One gorgeous phone!

I must admit that my Mum did all the hard work, I just acted as photographer and annoyed her lots. But she has done such a lovely job. I am really inspired by this I think I may give it a go on some other items….I do have some old suitcases hanging around…

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