What’s inside your suitcase?

Well my car boot was a complete wash out. I got up at the un-godly hour of 6am. In my zombie state I got in the shower, it was only when I got out that I realised outside it was completely tipping it down with rain. Not a light shower, the kind of rain that causes a small river to flow past the house. So instead of being able to tell you about my success at the carboot I thought I would tell you about what I have been up to in the workshop.

I must admit that I love old suitcases. I think the love started when I was in primary school and I used to use a little carpet bag suitcase when I went to sleep-overs. As you can probably tell I have always been a bit of an odd person, I don’t think there are many 9 year olds that love carpet bags. In fact, I think the love for my carpet bag was probably a Mary Poppins phase. Frued would have had a field day with me. Anyway, I digress. I still love suitcases and managed to get my hands on a couple of small ones for the shop.

Although the outside of the suitcases were worn and a little faded, the structure was still sound and all they needed was some new linings.

Luckily, I still had some gorgeous origami paper left from Japan which I used in the brown suitcase, and I also had some very pretty old draw liners that I picked up in the charity shop, which I used in the other. I just scrapped down the inside, glueing down any bits that were lifting and giving it a bit of a clean. I then used a PVA glue to stick the sheets down, being careful not to get any on the printed side of the paper. It was so simple to do but makes such a great impact. I am very excited about getting these out at markets and on etsy….but I must confess…I want to keep the black and cream checked one!

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