Chair Leg Socks

On the radio yesterday they were talking about Japan and my heart did a little flutter, remembering all the places we had been and things we had seen. For us one of the best places in Japan was the 100yen shop. Yes, I am implying that the best place in Japan is the Japanese version of the pound shop. But it is so much better than the pound shop. The biggest branch of 100yen shops tend to be Daiso stores and they have such a fantastic range of items (including cook-ware which I can’t seem to stop buying) and little quirky things. One of the things that I loved was these little socks.

They are especially for the legs of furniture to protect the floor, they just slip over the end and look adorable. I think they are so cute, and for any knitters or crochet-ers out there, they are a great idea that you could whip up easily.

The Japanese always pay such close attention to detail with everything they do. I do miss it.

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