Tutorial: Wrapping Paper

This is a an oldy but a goody – creating your own wrapping paper.

The ‘birthday’ season is upon me – I seem to have lots of birthdays all in one go – the other half, the best friend, the father in law… I love giving people presents and feel that the final wrapping is just as important as the contents. So rather than bog-standard wrapping paper I thought it would be fun to make some of my own. After renovating my old trunk I felt that the spotty innards had to be recreated.

Don’t eat the paint. Don’t stab yourself with the brush. Do be careful when using scissors as they are sharp. But basically use your common sense.


  • Brown paper
  • Paint
  • Sponge stamps (or basically anything that creates a nice stamp – leaves, flowers, etc.)
  • Brush
  • Water

1. I chose to use brown paper as it is a reasonable price and nice and thick. Roll out your brown paper and use some coins to keep it flat and stop it rolling.

2. Use whatever colour paints you like. Squeeze out some the paint on to a board, get your brush damp and paint some of the paint onto the sponge. If you are worried about there being too much paint on the stamp do some practice stamps on a sheet of paper.

3. Get stamping! Mix the colours. Mix the size and type of stamps. Go crazy.

4. Cut up your paper and wrap up your present. Double sided tape can give you nice neat edges. I love to add a bit of ribbon to finish it off.

This is so simple to do but looks stunning. Now all your presents can look so good no one will want to open them.

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