Before and After: Cake Tin

Don’t we all love tala cake tins!? Maybe its just me, but no one can deny that the brand Tala means quality and every house hold should have a cake tin….This is why I could not resist this rather battered tala cake tin when I was bargain hunting at a carboot.

Unfortunately the tin had been painted so many different colours over the years that the lid no longer fitted properly due to all the layers! I decided to completely strip it back using paint remover suitable for metal surfaces and a plastic scraper.

Whilst stripping the layers I found that originally the lid would have been a bright red. After doing a bit of research (ok I googled red tala cake tins), I found that some vintage cake tins had red lids but with bare metal bases. I thought this would look great so recreated the look.

I think the tin looks stunning….it will look so cheeky sat on the kitchen side. And you could be that person – keep an eye on the shop as it will be coming to you soon.

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