A new use for an old sewing box

Over the years I have managed to collect quiet a lot of jewellery. I don’t wear lots of jewellery all the time, but I can’t resist a beautiful ring or necklace when I am out bargain hunting. This does balance out though, as I have very little make-up, a couple of eye liners, a foundation and a blusher is pretty much it! All of these items have been placed in a variety of different tins scattered about my room – it means my room does look a bit messy! I decided I needed to find somewhere I could store everything together, and then I saw this:

I bought this gorgeous vintage sewing box with a new use in mind – it is going to become my jewellery and make-up box. I simply cleaned out the inside, removing any lingering needles, and lined the trays with brightly coloured tissue paper to give it some impact.

I am so pleased. It now sits with pride on my window sill. I also hope that this has given you some inspiration – when you see that old sewing box think about how you can find a new use (what about a picnic hamper, a medicine chest, etc. etc.).

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