Cream – the old fashioned way

In the charity shop the other day I picked up this rather quirky looking item. This is a household device that is not really used any more in the UK, it is a cream maker. The particular brand of this creamer is Bell. Me and my Mum decided to give this device a go and see whether it actually worked.

We managed to find a really useful blog which provided us with instructions on ‘how to’, check out the blog post here.

As this is a food related D.I.Y. I would say, approach with caution and do not feed to the young, sick or old. I really can’t be held responsible if anyone does get ill, just try to be sensible, and if anything looks, smells or tastes a bit funny then don’t eat it. I have a strong constitution so I happily eat anything.


  • A creamer device similar to the one seen in the image above
  • Un-salted butter (it is very important it is UN-SALTED)
  • Full fat milk (only full fat will work)
  • Saucepan
  • Hob/cooker
  • Spoon
  • Refridgerator

1. Make sure you clean your creamer out fully before you use it. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

2. Measure out 4 oz of milk and 3 oz of butter. Add both of them to the saucepan.

3. Put the saucepan over a gentle heat. You want to melt the butter and incorporate it into the milk fully, but you do not want to boil the milk.
4. Whilst the milk and butter mixture is still hot pour it into the top of your creamer. Then start pumping that handle!

5. Lift the handle up and down, whilst holder the side handle, in a smooth action (not too fast or milk will spill everywhere!).

6. Keep going until all of the mixture has filtered through to the glass bottle.

7. Then remove the top plastic lid, give the mixture a quick stir with a spoon, and pop the glass in the fridge straight away.

8. That is it. Hopefully, once the mixture has cooled you should end up with double cream perfect for pouring over your desert.

How did our attempt go? Ok, our mixture was a bit lumpy. We made the mistake of stirring the mixture again once it was cooled – if it is you I would recommend removing the yellow creamy layer on the top before stirring. You can use the creamer to make different kinds of cream (such as wipping cream or cornish cream). I would recommend going on to the blog mentioned above and printing off the image of the instructions, which tells you all. Good luck.

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