What to do With Doilies

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I bought a job lot of vintage linen and fabric the other day and found in amongst everything lots of crochet and lace doilies. It seems a bit of a shame to me, but people don’t really seem to use doilies any more, so I was trying to think of a new use for them. I have 3 fantastic ideas which I wanted to share with you, and hope they will get you on the hunt for doilies when you are out and about.


I created these and you can buy them HERE

I think is by far the simplest thing you could do with your doilies. All you need are your doilies in various sizes and also embroidery rings in various sizes. Take the embroidery ring apart, stretch the doily over the interior ring, place the exterior ring over the top and tighten the screw at the top. You may need to pull the doily to get it nice and taut once it is secured in the ring. Then just add some string at the top and hang on the wall, in the window, etc. I think they look so pretty.

With the white doily above, I actually stitiched 2 different doilies together to give a different texture. You can layer up different doilies or pick other fabrics that you really like.


Get this bunting from HERE

Who can resist a bit of bunting? Particularly when it looks so delicate and feminine. In order to create your bunting you will need some think ribbon and lots of doilies. Get your doilies, cut them in half, and arrange what sequence you would like them in. Fold your ribbon in half, place your doilies in between the gap and temporarily pin in place. Then just run the whole length of the ribbon through the sewing machine. I think this would look great for a wedding.


You can find me HERE

This is a bit more of an tricky project but if you fancy giving it a go, head over to A Beautiful Mess where they give you a tutorial. I think this is a very unusual idea and looks great.

I hope that has given you some inspiration, and reminded you not to discount the doily!

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