Electrical Appliances Gone Bad

So today I was going to share with you a lovely post about a really gorgeous electric fan I bought in a car boot the other week.

It is lovely. My other half and I have been looking for a retro fan for a while, just to keep us cool in the summer months and to add character on the side board. But after what has happened today I have decided to steer clear of all things electrical (don’t mention the fact that I am risking using my laptop…).

The other week when using my large electric sander I noticed sparks on the inside. As you can imagine, this was not a good sign. But it was my own fault, I had let it get over heated so it had caught fire. But luckily I had a smaller detail sander which does for the majority of jobs. No need to worry. So when I set myself up this morning to sand down some chairs with my lovely reliable little sander, it was very annoying that it wouldn’t start. My other half replaced the fuse, and it seemed to be fine. Then it blew up. This was really annoying but fine, I can sand by hand, I can cope. Then during my lunch, I quickly zapped some food in the microwave. I turned my back for 2 seconds, heard a little pop, and then noticed that the microwave was on fire.

So my casualties for the day are one sander and one microwave. You can see why I wanted to stay clear of the electric fan!

Lets hope for better luck tomorrow.

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