I think the excitement of the last couple of days has worn me out. The cold I have been fighting off has snuck in and decided to take hold of me. I have a really horrible soar throat, headache and punged up nose – so alittle bed rest whilst doing ‘research’ seems like a good cure. I realise I am meant to be working on the business, but new house and wedding are always on the brain, fighting with any productivity I may have.

So whilst wandering around the internet doing ‘research’ I came across this great website that you have to check out – Rockett St George.

All images coutesy of Rockett St George

I sense that I might be visiting this site when we have a place of our own. The shoe rack is gorgeous and perfect for the hallway. Plus I know a friend who would love the coasters. And they do wedding lists so we could always ask for pressies from our guests! Basically, I’m sold on this site.

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