A Part Timer

I previously mentioned that I potentially had some very exciting things coming up, well I can now fill you in. But first let me give you the background info:

Running your own business is hard. Particularly when it is just you on your own. I spend a lot of time on my own in the workshop and I really miss the stimulation of working in a team. I also have to confess that I have been a bit worried about our cash flow. Although I have my own seperate money for the business I’m not pulling in a wage as of yet for the house-hold, which means my other half has to keep us both going. I have been feeling intensly guilty that so much rests on his shoulders.

I have realised that I probably need to get a part time job, something that would keep me stimulated and also help balance the books. My training in conservation and restoration is a very valuable skill, and I so desperately wanted something in that field.

Well I have managed to get it! I will now be a Conservation Assistant for the National Trust at Stourhead House.

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This is the house that I will be taking care of along with a team of other Conservation Assistants. The position is perfect; it is close to home, part-time and uses all the skills I currently have. My first day is tomorrow and I am so very happy, excited and nervous rolled into one!
I hope you don’t all think I’m a complete sell out? The blog, shop and markets will still be running as normal, I will just look less guilty and worried. I’m hoping that I can achieve the impossible dream of having a perfect work, business and life balance. Wish me luck!


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