A Right Royal Time

As I was driving back from work I couldn’t help but notice all of the jubilee decorations that have sprung up over night. Now is the time to get prepping it would seem, and I’m all for following the trend. I must confess, I like the royal family. I know some people don’t really see the point of having them around, but I think they do a great job representing us as a country across the world. Plus they bring in lots of tourists which helps boost our economy (and we all know the economy needs some boosting!). So I am quietly excited about the Jubilee celebrations, after all she is giving us an extra day off work! I didn’t want to be too cliched with Union Jacks everywhere, so I have found some items to incorporate into your home that tip their hat to the royal family, obviously in the essential red, white and blue. Basically I have an essential Jubilee party kit – blue chairs, red table and white cups.

Blue: 1 . 2
Red: 1 . 2
White: 1 . 2

I hope you all enjoy the jubilee celebrations.

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