New Driver Kit

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It is my other halves birthday today! And he decided that he wants driving lessons. I have driven for the last 8 years but he has never felt the need or want or desire to learn (unlike me who has had a torn out picture of a ford anglia in her purse since she was 12!). Well as a present I have added him to my car insurance and put together a little ‘New Driver’ kit; things like L plates, sunglasses, a key ring for his car key, a little tree air-freshener, etc. I thought this was actually a really good idea as a present for someone learning to drive or who has just passed their test. I decided to create a vintage version and this is it: The Vintage New Drivers Kit

Driving License and Key Case from HERE
Cool shades are a must from HERE
Driving gloves form HERE. Substitute with a full leather pair for the boys 
Head scarf chic from HERE. Substitute with a tweed cap for the boys
Obviously don’t read whilst driving but a little something to inspire some adventure from HERE
And no journey is complete without the trusty blanket from HERE
And a picnic set form HERE

What would be in your New Driver Kit?

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