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So, I haven’t really given you an update about my new part-time job, and can you believe I have been there 3 weeks already! Well, at the moment I clean, clean and clean some more. During the summer season, when the house is open, the Conservation Assistants job is to go in early and clean the house ready before it opens at 11 to visitors. It is actually very therapeutic to have this routine, and a nice way to ease me into the team. I know I can do the work, so it gives me time to work out the layout of the house, what equipment to use, what procedures to follow, learn everyone’s names, work out my schedule and how to do it in the time frame…..

During the winter months it will get a bit different. When the house is closed the Conservation Assistants come out to play, doing more in depth cleaning and projects that we just wouldn’t have time to do when the house is open. I like that you get this treat for all your months of routine. In normal jobs we always promise ourselves this ‘indepth’ time, to do the jobs we would love to do, but are not a priority. More often that not we never get the time, at least that was always my experience. So this splitting of our responsibilities is a real treat. I think me and the National Trust are going to get along swimmingly.
In all fairness I can’t help but like my new role – they have given me free membership to the National Trust! And in my very first National Trust magazine they featured a house that is just my cup of tea.

Portland House is a 1935 gem built by Gerald Wellesley and Trenwith Wills for a wealthy young bachelor Geoffrey Bushby. The house, positioned near Weymouth in Dorset, is over flowing with Hollywood style and has recently been restored. What I would give to be lounging in that living room in my finest 1930s dress….in fact all I have to give is £2079! 
This house is not a visitor attraction in the traditional sense, this house is a holiday cottage! That’s right, you, and 11 of your friends can stay in this beauty. Would it be too big as a honey moon cottage for me and my other half I wonder???

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