Painted Glass Table

Apologies for not posting yesterday, I had a particularly bad day. The kind of day where you are in your pyjamas by 8:30pm and curled up in bed – a combination of work stress, wedding stress, technology breakages, etc. But today I am better, with a better frame of mind. And to cheer me up I did some web surfing and found a great ‘how to’ courtesy of Design Sponge.

image courtesy of Design Sponge

This coffee table looks fantastic and believe it or not it started life as a plain glass table. The glass has been painted using spray paints, and you can find the ‘how to’ – HERE. I think this table looks great as a little coffee table, but image the colours and design on a grander table in the kitchen, it would look fab!

Thank you Design Sponge for cheering me up.

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