Retro Style: Vladimir Tretchikoff

I was looking over one of my favourite blogs and spotted a post on Oh So Lovely Vintage all about Vladimir Tretchikoff. You may not recognise the name but you are sure to recognise the images below.

Images Courtesy of Oh So Lovely Vintage

For a lot of people these images sum up the entire style of the 70s. I love the use of bright colour and the ladies serene looks. The women are so beautiful and I love the fact that they are the focus, no elaborate backgrounds are needed. I also know that a friend of mine loves these paintings. I wish I could buy him one, but I don’t like him enough to spend that kind of money (no offence, lots of love heading your way). But I’m sure my budget could stretch to one of the merchandise that has off shooted from this much loved collection of images (his images are reproduced in such large quantities, only second to Picasso!).

Coasters £4.99
Shopper £4
Mug £6.96

I might have to get me some coasters!

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