Conservator Kayleigh

How was you weekend? Mine was very busy. Got the keys for our new house on Saturday and spent the day cleaning and moving furniture (bought myself a Henry hoover which I was very excited about!). Not moved in properly yet but will keep you posted. Sunday I worked in the morning and then had a family 80th birthday party in the afternoon. Lots of travelling.

I do have something interesting for you today though. 
I don’t tend to show pictures of myself on here. Not because I don’t want you to see me, just that generally I am behind the camera. So as a treat for you today, this is me.
One other thing I managed to do over the weekend is feature in an article in the Daily Mail. I don’t know whether I mentioned previously, but before the business got going, I worked as the Object Conservator at the Science Museum in London. And the picture above is of me at work in the Science Museum laboratory. Considering I left the Science Museum about 7 months ago, it gives you an indication how long ago I did the interview with the paper. But it was well worth the wait as the article is great – check it out HERE.
I might have to get a copy of that picture to on my wall.

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