Small Garden Ideas

So I have decided what kind of bench I would like in my very small outside space – check out the previous post HERE. But I would still like some plants and decided I should get some inspiration for gardening solutions in small spaces.

Sourced from artinthepark

So I could make or buy a traditional wooden out-door shelving unit. The unit could then be painted a lovely colour and it would offer me a bit more space for pots.

Sourced from Royal Horticultural Society

Using wire mesh I could create a wall of pots. This could be easily adapted and altered as my plants grow. It also gives a lovely wall of greenery which looks like a mini jungle.

Sourced from Apartment Therapy

Or maybe I should get creative and find unusual items to place my plants in. An old shoe organiser could be great for your salad leaves, and could be hung up anywhere.

I hope this has given you some inspiration like it has me. I need to get some planning on the go – I think a visit to the garden centre is in order.

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