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I have talked about my upcoming wedding in previous posts and wanted to fill you in on some details of what we have been up to lately. We have less than 6 months to go until the big day, so we are due to sent out our invites. The overall theme for the wedding is a 1930s shooting party, but we have thrown in some librarian touches. Think Gosford Park with lots of books.

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Hopefully the invites show a hint of the style and theme we are aiming for.

The invite is a book mark and shows the stag and pheasant which will be a running theme throughout the day, which gives us a hint of the shooting theme. After all, the groom is the stag and the bride is the hen (which is the name for a female pheasant don’t you know!). There is also an information card which looks like a library card, the text written over the top looks like a typewriter has filled it in. And the postcard RSVPs all have images on them of old penguin book covers. The RSVPs have a cute little ‘fill in the blanks’ section on the back rather than the traditional text, just to give it a bit more fun. Hopefully the set shows the theme/style we are aiming for.

What do you think? Considering they were designed, printed and assembled by us I think they look rather good. Once the RSVPs come back we plan to make a collage of our favourite covers and get it framed on the wall as a nice little keepsake.

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  1. It's the best wedding invite I have ever received, hands down – which is why you haven't had it back yet, sorry. Have to show it to Alex before I post it :) xxx

  2. Wow! Beautiful wedding invitations. The designs are just simple which makes it more unique. Thumbs up for this.

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