Finally Time For Pimms

I have been working really hard in the workshop getting some new items up together, and to treat myself of an evening I have been enjoying a glass of Pimms in the sunshine. That’s right, we finally have some sun and that has to mean a glass of Pimms.

I enjoyed my glass with a cute little pimms stirrer that I found hidden in my Mum’s cutlery draw. I couldn’t resist a little google search for other Pimms related items, after all Pimms is essential for any summer get together.

Drink Measure Optic

Bunting and Spoons

1950s Pimms

Ice Bucket

And so that we can still enjoy Pimms in the wind/rain/cold I found this fantastic article for a fantastic Pimms winter cocktail – check it out HERE.

image courtesy of Consume Like Me

I hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine.

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