New Car

So I ran out of time on Friday because I was at the garage buying a car. That’s right, buying a car. I have been going to markets with all my items in a tiny Nissan Micra since I started the business properly back in February. As you can imagine, I get many a funny look from the other stall-holders in their vans when I potter along in my little vehicle rammed to the rafters with furniture. I also found that I would then sell my big items and my stall would look a little sorry for itself. So I have bought a van.

Ok, it is a van with more comfort and luxury, and room for passengers of course. It is a Citroen Berlingo in Sahara Gold. I haven’t chosen a name yet. Recommendations are welcome. I really feel that this is another step forward for the business. It is a little present to myself as I have finally managed to make back the money I initially invested in the business. I feel very proud of myself and hope the business continues to grow. Lets hope all the hard work is paying off and by this time next year I will have doubled my investment!

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