Boxes, Cleaning and Lamp Shades

I have had an exhausting few days. We managed to move in to our new house on Saturday, the living room and bedroom ended up being a box and bin-bag playground! Today was the first chance I’ve had to really sort out the stuff we brought with us, Sunday and Monday having been taken up with work and markets. Today has been spent moving things round, emptying boxes, hanging things on walls, erecting shelves, cleaning. The living room is currently the most complete room, all that is left is to frame and hang a picture above the sofa (a really gorgeous woodblock print we bought out in Japan!), and get a lampshade for our floor lamp. This has put me on the hunt for a gorgeous vintage/retro shade, which led me to a website I wanted to share with you.

Sandersons ‘Mobiles’ Fabric
Sanderson’s ‘Dandelion Clock’ Fabric
Sanderson’s ‘Portobello’ Fabric

Shady Lady Lampshades does the most gorgeous shades in fab retro and shabby chic fabrics. I love the three Sanderson ones above, which also come in other colours, and I can’t decide which one to choose!
Decisions, decisions….

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