Ikea, Paint and Sunday Lunch

I have had such a lovely full weekend. On Saturday we had a trip to Ikea in Bristol. I must confess I love going to Ikea. I find the room set ups very inspirational and I somehow always manage to buy far more than I intended, or really should! This time round we were very good and just brought what we needed, that came to £50 as it was, and of course we had to have a Swedish meatball lunch. We then spent the afternoon working our socks off painting the hallway, so the ikea trip and meatballs was earned.

I had work on Sunday morning and further sorting out of the workshop, but I did find time to cook up a nice dinner for me and the other half. We started with tacos filled with fried courgette, bacon and chorizo with salad, cheese and home-made hummus. The grand finale was home-made fruit cobbler. I have never made cobbler before so I decided to loosely follow Nigel Slaters recipe in the Kitchen Diaries. I used a combination of doughnut peaches, raspberries and blueberries, and it was delicious.

Thank you to Nigel, and I hope you all had a lovely weekend like me? I will try to get everything back to normal this week. It feels like we have been moving for ages! But we have friends coming to stay next weekend so that should motivate me to get things done…..or it is more likely to distract me from being productive!

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