Painting and Dreaming of Colour

I am exhausted. I have spent my day painting the house. We are only renting our new little home, so a lot of you out there may wander why I would bother spending time and money painting something that doesn’t belong to me. My attitude is that I am going to be living in the house for at least the next 12 months and I want to be comfortable. I am naturally a bit of a nester (Ok! I am a complete nester – just call me a door mouse). I remember when I moved into my first place at university, it was the first time I had moved away from home, and it wasn’t until the bed was made and some pictures were on the wall that I really felt I could stay there. I have spent a lot of time moving around ever since (so many that we joked the table numbers at our wedding should be our old addresses instead!). Every new place I go to I like to give it a good clean, decorate, sort out my belongings, and then I feel I can relax. The only problem with painting a rented place is that you have to ask permission, and you are often restricted to a certain colour palette. For our new home it is magnolia and white. I am happy to work with a neutral back drop and use my furniture and accessories to brighten up the room, but I can’t help dreaming of colour. If I had my way I would spread the walls with vibrancy.

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This is the dream but it will have to wait. Instead I will just have to buy bright and colourful things. Thankfully the kitchen is almost complete so I will hopefully give you a nice before and after next week.

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