Small Spaces Style

Image sourced from Etsy

I saw this post on Etsy (the site where I sell all of my goods on-line). I thought it had some really good ideas for small spaces and I had to share it with you. It has 5 main tips, with lots of goodies to tempt you, on how to style your small space to give it the most impact: Furniture with legs, mirrors, collections, colour and verticals. Check out the post HERE.

I had a crazy day yesterday cooking in preparation for my friends coming at the weekend. The kitchen is now piled high with dirty dishes and I managed to break one of my favourite ceramic dishes (the dish literally exploded when I accidentally put it on a hot ring on the hob – I’m not used to electric hobs and I keep forgetting to turn the rings off!). It’s been so long since I did any entertaining I forgot how much work is involved but I’m so excited to have them here. I better get to work tidying up the house otherwise they will have to enjoy their food in a pigsty!

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