Before and After: New Bathroom

I thought it was about time I filled you in on our new home, and I thought I should start with the littlest room in the house (well actually our littlest room is the kitchen but you get what I mean).

The bathroom has not changed by a huge mount since we moved in. We are unfortunately stuck with the pink bathroom suite and grey, white and pink tiles. We had hoped to move the chest of draws as they were a bit of a strong feature in the space, also the damp environment has left them in a sorry state, but they were just too big and heavy. Instead I cleaned them up, repaired a few mouldings and ran with the white, grey and pink theme.

I wanted to play down the pink, as I’m not really a pink kind of girl, so I brought in white and grey towels and tried to stick to white accessories. The table mirror is a beautiful one I bought in an auction (which was meant to be for the shop!!) but I think it helps tie in the chest of draws into the room. I also couldn’t resist some sweety jars filled with white toiletries. On a slight side note, in the picture did you notice our toothbrush holder? It is a glass tankard from the Queens Silver Jubilee back in 1977. After the Diamond Jubilee this year I felt I just needed to have something that was jubilee related, but being the vintage girl I am I opted for the 30 year old version instead.

This is by no means my dream bathroom, but it is big and gorgeous soft light floods through the window. And in all honesty, as long as I can soak in a big bath tube with a good book, I am content.

One Response to “Before and After: New Bathroom”
  1. Guy Mccardle says:

    LOL @ "And in all honesty, as long as I can soak in a big bath tube with a good book, I am content." That's being simple and contented! It doesn't matter how big or how small a bathroom is; what matters most is that it gives what you need, and sometimes, what you want. Great choice of theme right there! :)

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