Refrigerator Free Kitchen

Could you live without a refrigerator? No, I couldn’t either, but with a different mind set and cooking style we may all be converted.

Ages ago I saw an episode of River Cottage where Hugh was going veggie. He spent some time with the chef Sachiko Saeki at her home learning wonderful Japanese cookery – watch the episode HERE. In the episode Saeki had a revelation for Hugh, she didn’t have a fridge! A lot of traditional Japanese cooking lends itself to a ‘fridge free’ life style, a lot of the ingredients are pickled or dried, and they have other techniques for keeping things fresh. Now, since our visit to Japan I have become a little obsessed with trying to recreate all my memories. I think my experiences whilst travelling has had a huge impact on how and what I cook. Could I live a traditional Japanese lifestyle without a fridge?

I wasn’t sure, until I saw this article on Gardenista.

All images courtesy of Gardenista

It is still just a concept, but Korean designer Jihyun Ryou, graduate from The Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven, has been looking into the concept of a fridge free home. It involves understanding how food ripens, reacts with humidity and interacts with each other. I am particularly taken with the apple and potato store.

Image courtesy of Gardenista

The apples sit in cut out holes in the top, whilst the potatoes are hidden in a box underneath. This concept is very harmonious, the potatoes are kept nice and dark, and the apples (which emit ethylene gas which can make other food ripen) prevent the potatoes from sprouting eyes.

I don’t know if you can tell but I am completely taken with this concept. I am in love with it. I’m not going to be giving up my fridge any time soon, but I think I may try slowly introducing a different way of storing my food.

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