Before and After: New Kitchen and Out-house

So I have another new house before and after for you today. We have one of my favourite rooms – the kitchen.

It has to be said that this is a very, very small kitchen. It was one of the things that worried me about renting the house. I generally like to live in the kitchen. I love to cook and I think the kitchen is really the heart of the home. But we had to compromise and the studio space for the business was more important. But I think we have done some lovely things with the space.

I felt I wanted some extra surface space so we put our lovely vintage kitchen unit in. We also bought a space saving (and utterly gorgeous) microwave that fits into the corner due to its curved back. I have to say, I love this kitchen! Everything is within easy reach and the space just seems to work. I think it is a great example of how small can be functional and gorgeous. Of course, I am cheating slightly. Did you notice that I don’t have any white goods in the kitchen apart from the cooker? That’s because the rest are hidden in our out-house. Previously the out house was a bit of a dumping ground.

But we have divided the space into two. In the entrance is our white goods; fridge, freezer, washing machine, ironing items and recycling stuff. In the back is my workshop material store.

I hope this has given you some ideas if you have a small kitchen at home.

One Response to “Before and After: New Kitchen and Out-house”
  1. Alana Rascoe says:

    It definitely seems like your kitchen gets some pretty good natural lighting, which is good if you want to save on your electricity bills. And it seems like that cozy, small kitchen of yours is a blessing in disguise because the sunlight seems enough to light up the place! Who says small kitchens can't look good? :)

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