Before and After: New Living Room

So we are almost complete on our tour of the new house. For today I am going to show you the new living room.

When we first viewed the house the living room was very red. As much as I like red, it is great for adding warmth and vibrancy to a room, but I love mixing colour and patterns and couldn’t resist using the living room as my experimental zone. Fortunately, the only bit of furniture left in this room was the big chest of draws so we had a nice blank canvas.

The first thing I did was paint the interior of the fireplace black, I just felt that a more neutral colour would work better. I think I spent the biggest amount of money on this room, mainly because of the furniture. It was the first proper sofa I have ever bought so I spent a long time choosing something I really loved. And then there was the arm chair, the small chest of draws, the G-plan and the electric stove which we put in the fireplace. There of course had to be a book shelf to cater for my book fetish.

There is still a lot of things that may change with this room. I’m not sure about the layout – I keep moving things round. I intend on making some changes to the lampshade and I plan on filling those gaps in the bookshelves and recovering the footstool. I hope that the longer we live in this space the pillows and throws will multiply, and the artwork will grow and change with the our experiences.

Another F.Y.I. for you – Currently stored on top of the large chest of draws is our large collection of glass decanters (currently 23 in total!). These are for our wedding. At our drinks reception after the ceremony we intend on having a selection of different alcohols – port, sherry, brandy (we are trying to recreate the drinks served during a 1940s shooting party!). We will have a table full of these decanters with all the different coloured liquids inside twinkling in the lights of the room – hopefully it will look beautiful!

One Response to “Before and After: New Living Room”
  1. It seems like you wanted a simpler color scheme in your living room. Well it’s important to have a color scheme that’s easy on the eyes because the living room is an essential part of the house when it comes to comfort.

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