Monday Blues – How to change to Monday Brights

Everything is meant to be back to normal today after our week of cat/house sitting, but I must confess that I seem to have hit a slight slump which really hit home over the weekend.

I seem to have developed an allergy to my parents cats! Having been pet-less for a long time now my body has decided never to have a pet ever again! It has meant this last week I spent the majority of it sneezing and wheezing with a runny nose and puffy eyes. On Saturday the other half went on his Stag Do so I was missing him and feeling a bit envious of all the fun he was having. And then on Sunday I had a big market which I had to get up super early for (I am not a morning person at all!), which was not a great success. By the time I came to Sunday evening I was very very blue. I didn’t even watch Downton Abbey, that’s how upset I was!

I think I have just hit a bit of a rut. I am not the most positive of people, or the most confident in my abilities, so making a success of the business is even harder for me than you might expect. Trying to do everything myself can often drain me and I think I have just run dry. I’m sure I’m no exception, I think everyone gets this way sometimes. The daily grind can be very consuming and we all forget to look up and take a breath. I need to get inspired!

So, how do I do this, I hear you cry! This is what I do (or would like to do) to rejuvenate those batteries.

I have a couple of blogs that I check on a religious basis. I adore them. Both blogs follow friends who have set up their own vintage boutiques. They work hard, they have fun and they enjoy life. I always find their blogs give me great advice and ideas. They are also bright and colourful which can not help but cheer me up!

Particularly this time of year – it is beautiful outside. A good long walk will do me the world of good (as well as give me some exercise which I rarely get!). I find it helps clear my head and remind me about the prioritises in life. If I don’t fancy out-doors then I like to visit a museum or gallery. Just changing your surroundings for awhile can really alter your perspective.

Sourced from Pinterest

A never kept a journal growing up. I think I started one, but got so paranoid that someone would read it I scribbled it all out. However, I used to write poems (DON’T LAUGH!). It may all sound silly but being about to write things down, whether it be in a journal, blog, poem or song, getting things out of your head and on to paper, is very therapeutic. I am a huge list keeper and love writing down what I need to do. The satisfaction of ticking things off is great and when you can look down at what you have written, somehow everything seems easier to manage.

Sourced from Pinterest

I love art. I was never a particularly good artist – I can draw a little, paint a little, make pots a little – but I love colour and art of all kinds. I find doing something with your hands can give you great satisfaction. Whether this is baking a cake or knitting a scarf, it all helps. I am thinking of doing a course. One of my areas of weakness is my confidence in my abilities so I was thinking a Furniture Restoration course would boost me back up.

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk by Claude Monet sourced from HERE

I have to say, I feel better. It is amazing how just going through what I can do to change my mood can bring me round. I know I am not back up and fighting yet, but we must also remember to give ourselves time. Time can heal a huge amount.
I hope that this post can also help you – thank you for reading.

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