Decorations for an Autumn Home

With Halloween just around the corner I am itching to get out the fake cobweb, paper skeletons and pumpkin bunting. But I am holding back. This will be our first Halloween on our new street, and I don’t mean this to be a pun, but I don’t want to scare the neighbours. So I altered my plans. I have gone for some subtle interior decorations until I can be sure that the neighbours won’t mind me going all out decorating the front of the house. I thought it would be useful to give you my key Autumn essentials to make your home feel perfect this season.

For us, the fireplace has to be the centre of attention. In the autumn months we spend so much more time sat in front of it – doing a puzzle, reading a book, or warming our toes. There are always additional blankets on the sofa so that we can cosy up in the Autumn months. The majority of my decoration touches centre around the fireplace – and did you notice the giant orange tub of Halloween sweets? They are for the trick-or-treaters, I promise!

It’s Halloween soon, so the first thing to consider are pumpkins. I love eating pumpkins and squashes so really relish this time of year when they are such great value in the shops. But rather than keeping your squashes in the veg basket put them on display. You can get such great colours and varieties, just pile them on top of each other in a convenient space in the room, or use them in the fruit bowl instead of actual fruit!

Another key Autumn essential is a wreath. The majority of people think of these as a Christmas related item but the Autumn colours of orange, browns and reds lend themselves to a great Autumn wreath. Whether or not you use actual leaves and foliage to create your wreath, or make one out of wool like mine, they look great over the fireplace as well as on the front door.

One item I love to have in the house is plants and flowers, however, flowers eventually wilt and I seem to kill plants! If you are like me, one of the best plants to get are succulents, things like Aloe Vera and cacti. They make a great display for Autumn when placed in terracotta pots. Their colours add a little lift to the space but their sharp and sculptural shapes add a Halloween feel.

The other must have regardless of the season is bunting! A lovely Autumn leaf bunting in the window is a must!

I hope these have given you some ideas for your Autumn Halloween displays. Now, I wander if I could get away with eating some of the Halloween sweets without anyone noticing???

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