Pumpkin: 3 Ways

Its the season for squash. But what do we do with these delicious vegetables? Here are 3 simple recipes that will be regularly appearing in my kitchen this Autumn. The great thing about these, if there is only the 2 of you, you can buy 1 large squash and make it spread to all 3 recipes! Apologies in advance for using other peoples images – I consumed all the food too rapidly!

PUMPKIN SOUP by Valentine Warner

BBC Food Recipes

I think the secret ingredient to this recipe is the tablespoons of sherry added right at the end. You don’t need to use it, and you don’t need to serve it in a hallowed out pumpkin, but it can be a nice twist if you are serving this dish at a dinner party. I have a great hand blender which is ideal for making soups, I would definitely recommend investing in one (I also use it to blend my pancake batter so it is nice and smooth!).

PUMPKIN RISOTTO WITH CRISPY SAGE by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

BBC Food Recipes

I grow sage in my very small back yard. I’m new to using it in cooking, the only thing I’ve used it in is a sage and butter sauce for some ravioli. Having found this recipe, I think it is going to be a firm favourite. Although you don’t necessarily need the crispy sage toppings I think they add a nice punch of flavour.


BBC Food Recipes

Roasted pumpkin is absolutely lovely and this recipe is a creative way to use it up. That is if any can make it from exiting the oven to the bowl of pasta, I can not resist ‘testing’ a few to check they were done! I love the smell of rosemary in the kitchen. I recommend making this dish on one of these dreary Autumn days, the smell will help fill the house with warmth and comfort. For an extra punch, use Rosemary and Garlic infused olive oil to roast the pumpkin in.


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