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The thing I love about vintage magazines and advertising is that it gives you a taste of what society was like at the time. You get to see the main concerns and desires on people minds, which I think is fascinating.

When flicking through one of my vintage magazines from the 1960s (seen above), I found an amazing article that was clearly meant for me to read – A Career in a Museum!

This article written by Marion Troughton gives a fascinating insight into why a career in a museum is ideal for the young women of the day.
“The work offers good possibilities for girls. They have equal status and pay with men, together with same opportunities to rise to the top of the profession.”
Being a slight feminist at heart I find this article uplifting and a great example of the versatility of women and equal rights. However, I am starting to think I should blame this article for there being so many women in the museum sector and all the competition I have had for jobs over the years!

I have to say, I found it a bit strange reading this article. Having just spent the weekend in London, it reminded me of my previous life there and all the pros and cons that came with it. It is 11 months since I left London, although it feels like a life time ago. My current part-time job with the National Trust in Somerset is very different from what I had before, and the work I am doing for the shop is a whole world apart. But funnily enough….I don’t regret anything!

I wander if there was a girl in the 1960s who read this article, was in a similar situation to me, and thought the same thing…..

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