A Little Bit of Pumpkin Left

I can feel Autumn coming to an end as the evenings are getting very cold and frosty. We even put up a Christmas tree at work today! In all fairness it is huge tree so requires a team to put together and sting with lights. We need as much time as possible ahead of the December events. With the last of Autumn I decided to use the last of my pumpkin. I had a small amount of pumpkin left over from my glut of pumpkin 3 ways, and in my house nothing goes to waste. I roasted the pumpkin, pureed it and made Pumpkin Cookies.

I got the recipe from one of my favourite food blogs Vanilla Sugar. I have to say I cheated a little, I didn’t have any cream cheese to make the frosting so just used nutella straight from the jar! They were so yummy! You should definitely add nutella and walnuts though as they had some bitterness and some crunch. I think these would actually make great whoopee pies as they have a lovely cake consistency.

Perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee on a cold dreary morning. Definitely worth giving a try!

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