Advent Calender Inspiration

It is the 21st of November and only 9 days until the Advent Calender season is upon us. I am a big kid, at 26 years old I still have an advent calender! I just love the count-down to Christmas, all the anticipation and the lovely treat I get every morning to go with my coffee. I have a paper calender which I have used every year for as long as I can remember, but I can never resist buying a chocolate one. With the first of December rapidly approaching us I thought I would give you some inspiration on some fantastic alternative calenders out there – after all there is lots of eating taking place as it is, I probably don’t need that chocolate every morning…..I realise I don’t sound very convinced.

I love having a calender I can bring out every year, it is my little tradition. With that in mind, I have found some really lovely reusable advent calenders. You can fill them with whatever takes your fancy – chocolates, boiled sweets, candy canes, a Christmas activity to be completed….

Line up the houses – Found HERE – £89.95

Hang up some rusty buckets – Found HERE – £28.99

Warm up the walls with felt – Found HERE – £34.99

A beautiful house full of treasures – Found HERE – £60

And if you want some inspiration for alternative fillings or non-chocolate calenders, why not give one of these a try.

Calender with a kick – Found HERE – £149.95

Colour me in – Found HERE – £5.99
Nail it – Found HERE – Currently Out of Stock but gorgeous
Decorate day by day – Found HERE – £12

I think this is a great selection with something for everyone. I wander if I could have a third or forth calender this year…..

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