Tutorial: Retro Stockings

So, I have a lot of markets lined up for December and need to give the stall a Christmas feel. The problem I have had is that the shop, being retro furniture and homewares, does not necessarily lend itself to Christmas. Traditional Christmas decorations don’t really fit in with the retro feel, and some retro decorations take alot of stomaching.

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I rather like this silver Christmas tree but there are a lot of people that don’t. So I came up with a nice alternative. I decided to create some traditional stockings but in bright and colourful retro fabric.


  • Colourful fabric
  • Plain fabric (for the liner)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pencil
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Ribbon
  • Paper

1. I used a rough design of a sock drawn on to paper and cut out as a template for the shape of the stockings.
2. I then used the pencil to draw around the template on to the fabric. You want to draw around the template twice, but so that the drawings are a mirror image of each other. Make sure you do this for both the fabric liner and the colourful fabric.
3. You then want to cut out the sock shape from the fabric but make sure you leave about half a centimeter around the pencil line. Also cut a strip of colourful fabric which is just over the length of the opening of the stocking (basically measure the top edge of the sock template, double the measurement and add 1 centimeter). And don’t forget to cut a small strip of ribbon which will be used to hang up your stocking – you can make this whatever length you like depending on how low you want it to hang.

4. Once you have cut everything out you should end up with; 2 plain socks, 2 colourful socks, 1 colourful strip and 1 x ribbon strip.
5. You then want to marry up you plain socks so that the pencil line is on the outside and pin together. Sew around the edge in a thread in a matching colour, using the pencil line as a guide. I have white fabric liners so used white thread. You can use a sewing machine for these bits but I did mine by hand so that I could sit infront of the tele!
6. You want to do the same with the colourful fabric. You want the front of the fabric to be facing each other and use a thread that is in a matching colour. You also want to fold the strip of colourful fabric lengthways and sew along the edge using the same colour thread.

7. After these stages you should end up with; 1 complete plain sock, 1 complete colourful sock, 1 colourful strip folded in half and 1 strip of ribbon folded in half.

8. Next turn the plain sock inside out and fold the strip of colourful fabric in half so that the back is no longer visible.
9. Place the colourful sock inside the white sock. This will be a bit tricky but it doesn’t have to be neat, so long as the top edges are lined up properly. Place the the ribbon so that the loop is facing downwards and is positioned in the top back corner. Place the strip of colourful fabric over all the others so that the frayed edges are in line with the top edges of the socks. Pin in place.

10. Next stitch along the top edge about half a centimeter from the edge of the fabric. I would recommend doing this bit by hand as the fabric is a bit thick for the sewing machine.
11. Fold everything inside out and your stocking is finished!

As you see these are very simple to make, and you can use whatever fabric you like. I think they will be a lovely addition to the shop, giving it that festive feel. They would also be perfect for the kids bedroom as they are bright and fun. Why not give them a try.

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