Gift Ideas: The Unexpected Guest

There are always those occasions when you get a last minute guest come to visit, or you recieve a present from someone else and need to find something quick. These are 4 suggestions that you can keep in the cupboard, just in case. Some would also be ideal if you need a secret Santa present or if the kids need something for school friends.


Kilner jars found HERE

This is one of my favrouite things to give as a Christmas present. I would get a gorgeous vintage jar and fill it with some colourful sweets such as jelly beans. I have to say I have done this with other containers; just last year I filled a butter dish and a glass flour shaker with sweets. You can always find out the persons favourite sweets and fill the jar exclusively with those. Lemon sherbets in mine please!


A Christmas Carol found HERE

One year our work place did secret Santa slightly differently. Rather than pulling names out of a hat we all had a budget of £5 and had to buy something that was suitable for all. All the presents were put into a sack and we had to pick one out at our work Christmas meal. I bought a vintage copy of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and a box of chocolates (I secretly hoped I would pick my own present!). It sounds a bit silly but since then, I have started buying vintage copies of A Christmas Carol whenever I find one. You can also find lovely modern reprints and they make a nice neutral present. Why not go completely modern and get a Christmas DVD – my favourite has to be Santa Claus: The Movie.


Vintage Lotto found HERE

It may seem a bit cheesy but board games are an essential part of Christmas. You can find absolutely gorgeous vintage games, which add a bit of quirkiness but you can always buy modern versions. They are good family fun, work really well for secret Santa and if you end up not giving them away, you can play them yourself!


Vintage colander found HERE

As a nice alternative to all the Christmas food why not make up a pasta kit; a colander, a bag of dried pasta and a jar of home-made pesto. This idea can be adapted to a range of different foods. Why not try a wooden chopping board, a selection of cheeses and some home-made oatcakes. Or how about the simplest suggestion – a small muslin bag filled with cloves, star anise, dried orange peel and cinnamon. Attach it to a bottle of red wine with a fresh orange and written instructions for making mulled wine. The great thing about these gifts are, you probably already have the items in your cupboard!


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