Put Up Your Feet!

So I am officially back up and running after Christmas holidays and Wedding extravaganza. It feels very weird not to have a side project whirling away in the back of my mind! My brain finally feels it has the space to do some stretching and slouching around (I realise that is a bit of a grouse visual but I assure you it is very happy in there).

The extra room has given me the opportunity to have a think about the business, plan my future goals and make some big realisations. 
  1. The business has done really well this year. I have broken even and that is a great thing for my first year. I should feel proud and celebrate!
  2. I need to push the business further. This means more markets, more advertising, and thinking of innovative ways to grow. Brainstorming time!
  3. I need to get all the online stuff working in sync. Currently they are all separate and they need to be combined. I think my IT man (the new hubby) will be given that job!
  4. I could not of got this far without my Mum! It sounds terrible to admit that I need my Mum but she has been such a positive influence, offered me support and been a great sounding board for ideas. Buy Mum some flowers!
  5. I have also realised that I can not do it all on my own. I need the support network I have around me, and when I feel stressed out, I need to remember I can ask people for help, it does not make me a failure if I do.
The last point is a real eye opener for me! Generally, I am a ‘if you want the job done, do it yourself’ kind of person. To admit to myself that I need other peoples help is a big deal for me. I could not do this business without my other half keeping me fed and housed, my Dad being there for advice and my Mum being fantastic. One area that she has taken a lead is upholstery. My Mum has started an upholstery course, mainly for her own enjoyment, but also to help me with the business and one of the first things she has completed is this….
This footstool has been recovered by my Mum using vintage fabric we bought at a market. I got it home and placed it with my 1960s arm chair and the two have been inseparable ever since! 
I think it is appropriate that one of her first projects is kept in the family, I know that two seconds at any market and it would be snapped up! I think I owe myself a present for a very succesful year!
Thank you Mum for everything and here’s to another great year!