2013 Goals

Over the Christmas period I have been doing an e-course on successfully building and running your own Dream Job in creative industries, courtesy of Red Velvet. I’m sure I have mentioned Red Velvet before, but for any that don’t know, it is a small but successful vintage boutique, sweet shoppe and clothing label based in the US.

One of the pieces of advice they give in their e-course is to set yourself goals each year to give your self something to aim for, and incorporate the goals into your calender. I wanted to set myself some ambitious goals for the business and some personal goals as well, as we have to remember all work and no play makes me very dull. Over the last few weeks I have been having a good think about what these goals should be and I thought I would share them with you.

Of course setting yourself goals is no fun unless you have some kind of reward system – for the smaller more achievable goals I’m thinking a new book and for the bigger harder goals I buy myself a lovely new item of clothing. I really recommend setting some goals of your own as it can help keep you focused throughout the year. Some of my goals are a bit silly but I think it is important to have some silly thrown in as well.

Right, I had better get to work!

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