Dreaming of Some Sunshine

I have had so much fun over the last few days with the beautiful snow and rain we are having. I am always amazed at how a blanket of white can make everything so beautiful and the light seems to change. Plus, the moody sky of a proper rain storm is really very thrilling. However, with my sister back living in Australia and seeing photos of her all bronzed, I can not help dreaming of sun bathing and getting a tan (lets be fare we didn’t really get a summer last year so I feel we are owed one).

When surfing the net I came across this great image….

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This article found over at kdhamptons.com gives you a tour of a family run bar in the Hampton’s. I love the use of these vintage swim suits framed and placed on the wall. I wonder if you could adapt this to other vintage items – vintage lingerie in the bedroom! I wouldn’t mind that white, red and black number for my summer holidays!

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