Pancake Day

I confess, we haven’t had any pancakes!!!

I am ashamed and horrified at myself. The fact I have pancakes most weekends does not matter, it is pancake day and pancakes should be eaten. And if I was making them today these are the items I would want to accessorise my cooking.

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5

The reason for our lack of pancakes? When I returned home from work today I found my hubby had brought home a stray cat. The poor little thing had almost been run over (rescued my the hubby in a heroic act) only 8 months old, dirty, smelly and starving. We cleaned it up gave it some water and food and took it to the vets. It was left with the vets to recover and they will now try and find the owners or re-house it. It was very strange to have a little life so dependent on us. It meant we spent most of the evening giving it lots of attention, knocking on neighbours doors and ringing animal rescue people. I think we will have to treat ourselves to pancakes tomorrow for our good deed.

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